May 16, 2012

Haunted House Paint Job

Well, alrighty. Finally got around to slapping some proper color and textures on everything. Here's the the first scene I composed for comparison. You might notice I added some railing to the tower balcony and dismissed the 3D scale figures that were loitering around (click on images to go to picture viewer.)

Above is a closer view of the front entrance showing the revamped second story window. Hopefully you can see the tattered curtains (which turned out pretty nifty, if I do say so myself) and cracked window panes. Overall, I'm still pleased with the cobwebs but you can see that some of them catch the light a little too prominently (SketchUp's light settings are a little more blunt than true rendering software would be.)

Here's a look back toward the dead tree clinging to the cliff face. That rock texture really fails close up. I haven't looked too hard but there's supposed to be some good texture packs for free download. Finally, I've creaked open the front door a little to beckon any unwary travelers. Don't worry, I am nowhere near done with this model. But I will take a brief side trip back to superhero town. Check back to see who shows up. 


  1. This is looking great! Glad to see your progress; thanks for sharing.

  2. And thanks for your compliments, as always.

  3. I do love me some Scooby. This last weekend I was in Marshall, WI and went to the "LIttle Amerricka" (Yes, that's how they spell it.) amusement park. Perfect Scooby location: a small old, traditional 50's-60's park that is literally right next door to a cemetery. Even had a small haunted house walkthrough filled with old static Funni-Frite gags and an open-car monorail that gave a great view of the park on one side and the graveyard on the other.

  4. Nice! I love when lapses in judgment at the zoning dept. result in graveyard adjacent _____ (fill in the blank.) Here in Orlando, the Navy used to operate a sonar research facility on a small lake right in the middle of town, complete with this welded steel contraption that hung out over the lake. As kids, nobody could have convinced me and my friends that something sinister was not going on in there. Probably an alligator monster that was really making bootleg cassette tapes in the basement.


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