May 21, 2012


Inspired by the Avengers movie (well done, Mr. Whedon), I'm taking a swing at their greatest villain, that monstrous, mechanized megalomaniac, Ultron the robot!

That hideous jack-o-lantern face, the fusion energy boiling in his fixed mouth, his gleaming indestructible adamantium body...Man! I hope they find a way to make him the villain in a Marvel movie soon. Anyway, we'll start with just the head and see how it goes (click on images to go to the picture viewer window.)

Wrong! Meet Ultron's country cousin, Clemtron! You see, I started by pulling a basic head shape from a simple sphere. My mistake was scalloping out the cheeks (using the intersect tool) which made the mouth narrow too much at the chin. And just for kicks, I'm adding some classic Avengers covers to the background. No extra charge!

Well, this is better but still not there. Closer to the way George Perez used to draw him. But the mouth seems to yawn too much and, as a whole, it seems too alien. By the way, to do that plasma effect in the mouth, just pick one of the Sketchup water textures and drag the color wheel all the way into the red. Bingo!

Now this is what I'm talking about! I started with a whole new head and really opened up the mouth. Also, the eye holes are arched to give them more menace and not just simple triangles. This, to me, is more like John Buscema's version from earlier issues. Best of all, I found a Photoshop plug-in that generates pretty good Kirby Krackle! Now the fires of fusion really seem to be churning inside his gaping maw!

Finally, here's a quick top view. I don't remember the head antenna being that elaborate but I think they look cool, as does the band of circular depressions. I think I'll continue on this for a bit and see how the whole figure turns out. See ya soon!


  1. I know I'm supposed to be a Scooby commenter, but I thought you might be interested in this picture of Ultron's second job as the evil Tooth Invader:

    1. Oh, good grief! He could defeat that whole team with a few well aimed Hostess Fruit Pies. Wonder what that Fluoride girl's powers are? As always, thanks Anon.

  2. I think her power is rockin' that hat. Not just anyone could pull that off. It takes both perfect teeth and unassailable fashion sense.


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