May 4, 2010

Giant Robot Fight

Poor ol' Shogun Warrior was getting pretty lonesome without any sparring partners so I cobbled together a sort of standard issue giant robot villain (click on images to view full size.)

Nothing to in depth about this guy, I just knew I wanted something angular, boxy and functional to contrast the smooth curves and cylinders of our hero.

The narrow red cyclops eye is always in fashion among bad guys. As for the rest of him, I decided on a kind of weathered industrial look with welded plate steel and rusty iron accents, this was the best I could manage with the preset textures in SketchUp. Not too bad, but I think I can do a little better by importing my own.

Being an engine of destruction, we can assume he won't be doing a lot of flower picking. So instead of hands, he has these edged weapons. They're sort of like a Swiss Halberd or a poleaxe tip. I imagine they can rotate at high speed at the wrist, giving him the ability to drill through buildings and opponents.

Finally, even though I liked the buildings I got from the Google warehouse, I wasn't getting the deep shadows on them. This is because almost all of them are constructed from simple cubes at low res, in order to function well in a Google Earth fly-by. So here is a nice mid-century modern office building with all the ledges and window louvers for good shadows. That second story extension will be some kind of diner or steakhouse and will need a neon sign on its roof (I don't know why I obsess on trivial details like this.)

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