June 10, 2012

Some THINGS change...

Well, I couldn't justify my labors on one comic book character while neglecting another. So before I really got involved with Ultron (which I don't advise, socially or professionally), I knew that Ben Grimm would need to be brought to some state of completion. Let's see how he's doing. (click on images to go to picture viewer thing.)

And here he is, poised and ready for action in some kind of training facility specifically designed by Reed Richards to test the Thing's legendary strength and combat experience. As expected, the hands and feet cost me small fragments of sanity. In fact, I'm still not done with the feet but I'll know better how to fix them when I put the figure in more extreme poses.

The hands, however, turned out nice and the fingers are pretty easy to pose. That's good because I'll need to build up a library of interchangeable hand components (pointing, grabbing, etc.) that will just pop on to the end of the wrist. This model has been a real labor of love for me and, I gotta say, I'm proud of the way it turned out. But now he needs a bad guy to clobber and Ultron just drew the short straw!
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