October 12, 2009

Those Cracked Monsters

A few scans from a 1978 Cracked collectors' edtion. The splash panel is signed "McCartney" and a quick glance at Wikipedia revealed that this was how legendary pin-up/good girl artist Bill ward signed a lot of his work for Cracked. If so, COOL! (Click on images to enlarge.)

I know John Severin was their go to artist for the majority of the mags' run, and indeed, this issue contains two articles by him (one covered by Neato Coolville a few Halloweens back.) But to me, Ward's style, with his loose but confident line work and heavy blacks, was especially suited to monster stuff. And check out the letters on the Transylvanian TV header. Man, what I wouldn't give to have a whole font style of that.

I remember this got passed around my neighborhood (being traded for comics, hot wheels, etc.) I ended up with it but it was in sad shape with no cover. Luckily, I came across a nice copy in a local comic shop, a while ago, and snagged it. Enjoy!

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