October 19, 2009

Horror Movie Misc.

Finally got a spell of cool weather here in the sunshine state. Hope it lasts but I'm not holding my breath. Anyway, it was the perfect opportunity to dig through the DVDs and get some Wendy's chili cheese fries. I'm certain most Horror movie fans have their own ritual viewing practices around Halloween, but this year I decided to be a little less deliberate in my choices. Nothing to obscure, just a few old gems.

First up was Hammer film's "The Reptile"(1966), and if you can somehow convince one of today's zero attention span kids to sit still through the second act, the monster close-up scene will 100% guaranteed jolt them right over the back of the couch! That monster stands the test of time. Also, is it just me, or does Jennifer Daniels look more than a little like Carol Cleveland from Monty Python?

Next at bat was "Die Monster Die!" (1965) with Boris Karloff (looking especially grumpy) and the always dependable Nick Adams. I miss Nick. He yelled his lines with conviction but underneath there was always a distinct likability and easy demeanor to his characters. Great color and atmosphere in this, plus a few honest scares.

Finally, if I have a Halloween tradition, It's "Dawn of the Dead"(1978). But, I love and respect this movie so much that I've steered away from it for the past few years, in an attempt to keep it fresh in my mind (whatever that means.) But, what can you do. It just wouldn't be Halloween without helicopter zombie.

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