October 4, 2009

Scariest Bigfoot Ever!

Or at least to 11 year old me. But all my neighborhood friends who saw this episode of "Fantasy Island" agreed that the Bigfoot they showed at the end was way creepier then all the documentaries we had seen on Saturday afternoon. I think this was actually a 1st or 2nd season rerun when I saw it. Anyway, Peter Graves goes to Fantasy Island where Mr. Roarke informs him that (whadda ya know!) they've got Bigfoot there too.

In his efforts to capture one, we get the occasional glimpse of what appears to be the standard man in fur suit. Needless to say, after the triumph that was Andre the Giant in Six Million Dollar Man, this was all pretty underwhelming. But then in the climax, as Pete is hanging from the edge of a cliff, Bigfoot shows up to save him and we get a nice closeup of this...

GAAHH!! I think part of it was that I was expecting the same old "Planet of the Apes" style makeup that we were all used to from the documentaries (In Search Of..., Mysterious Monsters, etc.) or maybe it's that bulging, dead looking eye, but this about scared the Salisbury steak out of me. Immediately my phone rings, and I vividly remember the conversation.

Me: "Hello?"

My friend, Kenny: "Dude, did you just see that?"

Me: "I saw it. Holy Crap!"

Kenny: "It made me spit milk on my hand. UN-cool!"

I guess you never know what's gonna stick with you, but I'm glad this did. See you next time.

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