March 3, 2010

Still More Flying Car Interior

I've been reluctant to partition off any part of the space here. Mostly, because the transparent canopy doesn't really lend itself to it, also I would have preferred to let the furniture define the divisions of space. Anyway, I broke down and added a half-height wall towards the cockpit platform, that will be the logical place for a small entertainment center (click on images to view full size.)

But it's on the other side where the real action is, so to speak. The pilot's chair betrays the wood paneled section of the partition to be more than what it appears.

By pressing slightly anywhere near the top, the occupant engages silent precision motors that 1) slowly lower the desktop/keyboard 2) swing out a diagonal desk support and 3) raise the view screen up to eye level. Hopefully the arrows help it make sense.

And, Shazam! A foldaway computer/navigation terminal. Now junior can participate in his classes (by way of video conference) without distraction. But more importantly, someone can monitor the appropriate weather patterns, perform diagnostics of the various on board systems, etc. Presumably freeing the pilot to concentrate on the sky in front of him.

The keyboard is flush with the desktop and will be some kind of touch screen thing (like the small panels on the entrance hatch.) I'll need to find some cool tech interface thing to fill the screen.

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