February 14, 2010

Flying Car Interior

Here's my first wild stab at furnishing this flying vehicle. Again, I'm assuming a future where manufacturing methods have improved and new light weight, yet durable materials have been developed to allow a piece like this to function properly. It's an L shaped sofa with a definite 60's "Mod" influence (click on images to view full size.)

I knew I wanted something with open spaces and nice organic curves and this seems to fit the bill pretty well. By the way, don't get attached to any of these colors. That's supposed to be wood grain on the walls and entry hatch. The carpet is just thrown down to set off the sofa. Below is the sofa by itself with shadows turned off to give a sense of how the curves work.

And finally, another view from a different angle. Notice the C shaped curve of the base. That's what I mean about developing new materials. Whatever that's made of will need to have enormous tensile strength to be so thin and still support both the seat components and occupants.

The nice part is, now that I've made this, I'll be able to chop up the armrests to make a pair of matching chairs and, hopefully this will turn into a swinging little lounge area. See ya soon.

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