January 11, 2010

Flying Vehicle

It's time I accepted a harsh reality. I can't count on science to give me the things it promised me when I was a kid. For a while I was mad at science, but then it acted all ashamed and looked at me through those thick, taped-up glasses and then we hugged and it promised not to do it again. Glad that's behind us.

Below is the initial stage for a flying passenger vehicle, levitated and propelled by some anti-gravity system (whenever you feel like it, science.) Just the cockpit, so far. I'm still not totally sure which direction I want to go, but I'm leaning towards a sort of weekend getaway thing with a seating area, kitchen, bar, simple sleeping quarters, etc. Basically, a flying RV about the size of a single-wide mobile home. (Click on images to view full size.)

You'll notice the control panel floating in space. I haven't decided on how best to anchor it to the floor. Here's an opposite view. Another task for science is to devise some new material to make possible this giant curved windshield without compromising safety (sooner or later, someone's gonna hit a bird.)

Finally, here's quick shot from inside. The astute viewer will notice the lounge chair from my Christmas card. Just chop the legs off, add a swivel base and headrest and you got yourself a groovy pilot's seat. Keep checking back for updates.


  1. Tim: Awesome. Absolutely groovatastic! Perhaps the dashboard/control consol is held in place by the same anti-gravity force that powers the ship, except heightened and applied to a very specific area. No need to anchor it to the floor. That way, the driver could really adjust it. Hell, he/she could stand up, lay back, whatever (plus, and most importantly, it would just look cool!).

  2. Not a bad idea! Especially since it looks kinda cramped up there already. A control panel that would just float forward by slight hand pressure. I'll get started on it. Thanks, Mykal!


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