December 24, 2009

Christmas e-card

Well here it is, Christmas morning at a groovy retro pad (click on image to view full size.) The only two things I pulled out of the Google warehouse were the fireplace grill (out of laziness), and the famous Isamu Noguchi coffee table. Noguchi was an icon, not just of mid-century modern furniture design, but sculpture and landscape architecture as well.

The painting above the mantle was a big pain. The rectangular, light wood frame was easy enough to make, but images that I tried to fit in it ended up stretched and distorted. The solution was to find a large hi-rez scan and center the frame over a portion of it that I thought made a good composition. If it sorta looks like scuba divers, that's because it's a concept painting by the legendary Frank McCarthy, for the climactic underwater spear gun battle from the James Bond movie "Thunderball." I found it at a blog called 007 illustrated and figured it was sufficiently hip for this room. As a final touch, I added a little steam from the coffee mug (or is it hot chocolate?) And that's all folks, Merry Christmas!


  1. Superfine! I want to move in! I hope your holidays were as cool as this Christmas card! -- Mykal

  2. Thanks, man. Hope your's were too. Keep up the great blogging.


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