August 6, 2012


Dang it! Got sidetracked again. But I think you'll appreciate it once you see what the result is. But first, an explanation. For no real reason, I was fooling around with the preset textures included in Sketchup. Just seeing how some of the patterns repeat on an object and how I could manipulate them. So I made this simple barrel shape and applied one of the stone textures and found that, if you rotate it vertically, it lays out over a curved surface in an interesting way (click on images to go to pic viewer.)

But wait! That looks like...something. Hold on, let me just drag the color wheel over to the grey and darken it just a bit. Holy crap! That's Godzilla skin! Well, there was only one thing for it, really.

And below is where we're at so far. Off to the right are my reference pics. If he looks more than a little muppety, well... think back to "Monster Zero" or "Destroy All Monsters." When the tone of the films had already shifted to kid oriented and they started making him look less reptilian and menacing. That's the Godzilla I grew up with. 

Anyway, the teeth will help give him some "grrrr" back. And, even though this started out as a simple color test, that segmented tail may be the single most challenging thing I've modeled to date! But I can't wait to get started on the back plates and other details. Let me know what you think and see ya soon!

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