October 21, 2010

More Halloween Reading

Another shot of fear-a-fying fiction, courtesy of my old Wacky Pack covered bookcase that I will someday bequeath to my son or daughter (and then immediately take back because I couldn't stand to part with it.) First up is Ghosts and Things (1969) a solid collection of scary tales with E. F. Benson's Caterpillars and The Night-Doings At "Deadmans" by Ambrose Beirce being the standouts. But the real draw for me was the the absolutely awesome Richard Powers cover, check it out (click on images to view full size.)

Next is one of my prize possessions, A first printing (1962) of Fritz Leiber's Shadows with Eyes. This collection was my introduction to Leiber, and he's been my favorite science fiction writer ever since. The first story, A Bit of the Dark World, is the best modern horror short story of the 20th century - period. I won't even try to describe it, but just picture guy's in 'Madmen' style suits and girls in Capri pants and scarves facing nameless cosmic horror.

And even though the cover looks like Richard Powers (and it's listed on some online booksellers as such), when I compare it to some of my other covers by him, it just doesn't have that loose energy and skewed composition that he pulls off with seemingly no effort. Plus it's not included in The Powers Compendium, the best online resource for Powers art I've found. Still, whoever did it, it's a great creepy piece of art that fits the tone of these stories. Hey, this is fun! Think I'll dig up a few more of these before Halloween.

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  1. Tim: Great covers! I think that one cover might be powers. Those walking, big-headed creatures really look like him!

    Very cool post! I love those 60s sci-fi book covers and have a bunch myself.


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