September 27, 2010

Haunted House Continued

Well, my house is starting to take shape, or at least the rock island it's sitting on. I've darkened the shadows to highlight all the cracks and crevices in the rock faces and turned the line settings off (leaving them on reveals all the triangles and geometric shapes that the rocks are composed of.) Also, I added a cloudy backdrop. It'll do for now but I'll look for a more dramatic one later on. (click images to view full size.)

I'll admit that the rocks have a simplistic, road runner cartoon quality to them. But since the source material is a cartoon, that's the direction I'm sorta taking with this. Besides, if I end up doing a paint over in Photoshop (like the graveyard scene last year) then I can add more detail there.

Here's a slight aerial view. I turned the water grey here because it was distracting (still stumped on how I'm going to pull off a decent ocean.) The rocks in and around the stairs took the most time. Other than the dead, twisted trees, I'm kinda wondering what other vegetation, if any, I should plant on this island.

Back at the boat dock, I found a weathered fence texture in sketchup that seems to work well. Also, the sketchy line style I've turned on brings out the cracks and grooves in the the boards. Unfortunately it also reveals the triangular edges of all the rocks which I'd rather not see. Grrr! Anyway, now comes the real fun, detailing the house itself! See ya next time.

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  1. Would really like to see an update on this. Scooby, appropriate spooky setting, and 3D; what could be better?


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