June 24, 2010

Future City

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, what with the outside world and all. Here's yet another piece that needs further attention. It's a concept for a book jacket for a science fiction anthology. I know it looks kind of cluttered, especially up at the top where the title info usually goes. Actually, I was going to end up using a small minimalist block font which would have freed it up to go somewhere else than plain old top and center. Anyway, it never happened but I still want to finish this. Among other things, I need to add some trees and park space in the town below and detail the background ship some more (click on image to view full size.)


  1. tremendous potential here, buddy. Don't let this one go. Very spacious and mind expanding.

  2. Thank you, my friend. Hopefully I can hold on to all that open space when it's time to do the paint over.


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