September 25, 2009


Coming up on Halloween, my absolute, favorite holiday (which is saying something as there's no big meal involved!) I'll probably post some appropriately creepy web stuff as I find it. But first, here's a few cracked and weathered tombstones I did a while ago when I was contemplating doing my own scary monster comic. I still plan on getting around to that. (Click on images to view full size.)

You're saying "So what?" Well, all I had to do was make, and detail, a few like these. Then, after generating a simple hilly terrain section, I was able to copy and place as many as needed to populate this spooky graveyard scene. The twisted wrought iron fence sections helped to add cool shadows. The hard part, so far, was getting the atmosphere right by minutely adjusting the shadow and fog settings. I'm thinking of adding some sort of crypt or mausoleum on the right side to balance it out. Once again, I'll send it to Photoshop to add details like bats, dead grass, etc.

I'm determined to get this done before Halloween.

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