August 24, 2012


We're back with a King of the Monsters update! Maybe a little tweaking of the teeth and hands and some general cleanup, but for the most part he's ready to go. And actually he's only about 9 stories high (100' 6" or so.) Sounds kind of under achieving by monster standards, but sizing him up even to 200' just seemed overkill next to the scale of the figures and vehicles. Plus, in the films, Eiji Tsuburaya often preferred to scale down his monsters because it enabled him and his crew to build larger, more detailed miniatures. Here, big G is threatening the old Orlando Utilities Commission office which I nabbed from the Google warehouse (click on images for pic viewer.)

I mean, look at his foot next to the default scale figure. This was important because I'm planning on staging a scene with some half demolished and damaged buildings and it will add to the realism if there can be some clearly defined fleeing civilians among the debris.

Here's the rear view. Still working on a better texture for the back plates. Also, I might make another set of the large ones (just copy and paste) and figure out a "glow" for when he's using his radioactive breath. Well, let me know what you think and check back soon as Godzilla gives a prehistoric pounding to some unlucky skyline!

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